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Great article in New-York

Great interview in MAVA Magazine

Sur la route de la soie avec Yseult D.

Yo les amis! Aujourd'hui on se retrouve pour parler d'une artiste belge qui exprime sa créativité de façon assez atypique et dont le concept m'a séduit. Yseult est une artiste photographe qui utilise la soie comme support pour ses photos. Son authenticité, les vêtements en séries limitées, des photos singulières, un sentiment d'être un client unique, voilà ce qui la caractérise. Je vous propose donc de venir découvrir son travail à travers une interview. 👇

Great interview

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art 

 April 7, 2020

Yseult.D is a multidisciplinary Belgian artist, interviewed by Mohamed Benhadj.

The choice of the medium is primordial for Yseult.D. Photographs come to life. An innovative concept of art to wear is born. Each piece is made in an ultra-limited series and becomes collector's item after a series of 12. The works to wear are all provided with a certificate of authenticity.

So Damn Gorgeous by Martine Interview

This week's inspired and inspiring woman is Yseult D., artistic director at matyse.

Yseult has always been passionate about photos and travel! She shares us how she went from swimming teacher for baby swimmers to photographer and artistic director. She turned every meeting (discussion at the hairdresser) into a great opportunity to develop her passion in business. "there is no chance, there are only appointments" to take back paul eluard she says.

Yseult turns her photos into work of art in the form of scarves, tops, blouses, and silk dresses. " we carry the complete work of art, not a pale reproduction." she sells her works of art worldwide, but especially in the United States and Japan.

Yseult combines sobriety and elegance and above all she adapts her dress style on occasion. For example to make her photos she feels good in a comfortable style where she melts completely in nature.

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Great article in Paris Match

Photo of the fashion show at Keywest


Radio Panik

Interview with Yseult D on Radio Panik

Paris Match

Yseult D. tested an Opel Corsa for Paris Match:-)


Yseult D. on TV show After on BX1

Interview about yseult D and Matyse loft (min 8"20)

Dream Street.

An exceptional show for the benefit of the Huneeds association, which works on the reintegration of the homeless.

My new exhibition: introspection

Welcome to the Matyse loft to discover my new exhibition

The Loft Opening

Opening evening of the Yseult D. artist loft in the presence of the Mayor of Brussels. Space for sharing and creativity, this is where Yseult D. welcomes you by appointment.


Festival Anima 2018

The talented actress Stephanie Coerten presented the Anima 2018 Festival in Yseult D. during one week.

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